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The Problem
Water contains minerals that form scale. Scale decreases efficiency and longevity of pipes, appliances, and fixtures. The water problem in some regions is becoming serious. The water that is given to the population cannot be drunk even after boiling, because it may contain dangerous materials that are harmful to health. There are prepared college term papers for sale about this problem and presented solutions. 

The H2Oxide Answer
H2Oxide utilizes Oxcide™, a unique chemical with powerful oxidative properties at a neutral pH. These special oxidative properties are extremely effective in disrupting scale formations of insoluable carbonate salts - including calcium, magnesium, silica, and other scale deposits. In other words, by releasing existing scale, Oxcide both prevents and removes existing water problems.

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Normal scale forms a hard, insoluble, and interlocking network which plugs plumbing, interferes with heat transfer and damages equipment. Oxcide™ changes the chemical structure of scale and dissolves Calcium and Magnesium salts.


Oxcide™ alters the shape of Calcium and Magnesium salt crystals to small, evenly shaped, rounded powder that won't adhere to metallic or PVC surfaces and is easily washed away.

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Certifications and Approvals
- ANSI/NSF 60 Certified for scale control
- Kosher Certified
- G4 Classification
- Approved to treat drinking water in Nevada by the Health Division Bureau of Health Protection Services and the Clark County Health District

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Read about some of our successes or browse our different systems.

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